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What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to clearing with slash piles and burning. Brush, trees, grasses, and decomposing wood are shredded into mulch—which is then left on the ground to decompose and promote healthier soil.​​


Mulching can be performed in inclement weather, even in snow, and on slopes up to 30 degrees. This is because we mulch with rubber tracked machines with low ground pressure, reducing soil compaction. ​​

Forestry mulching eliminates unsightly brush piles on your property. No more hauling debris to sit in a landfill, or worse yet, burning the piles and damaging the soil underneath with extreme temperatures.

Image by Johannes Plenio

The Benefits

  • Quick & affordable

  • Protects your home and property—while beautifying and adding value

  • Reduces the potential for wildfires (and their effects)

  • Healthier trees and soil

  • Helps with erosion

  • No unsightly brush piles or debris hauled to landfills

  • May reduce tick populations. By eliminating overgrowth, the tick population on your property is likely to decrease

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