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Wildfire risk reduction

Protect your home and property.

Whether you're looking to create a bigger defensible space around your home, or reduce risk on the rest of your property, eliminating tinder and ladder fuels reduces the risk of wildfires damaging the tree canopy in the unfortunate event that your property is involved in a fire.

Wild Fire
Picnic Benches

Increase visual appeal & add value

Looking to turn an eyesore into a less hazardous and better-looking piece of property that you can enjoy more? Get rid of the undergrowth while picking and choosing what plants you want to be removed, leaving you with a manicured park-like setting. 

Create a wildlife food plot or increase usable pasture space

Removing the undergrowth on your property will let more sunlight in and allow the grass to grow attracting more wildlife to your property or increasing pasture space for livestock. In most cases your land can be immediately planted after mulching.

Image by Edward Taylor

Increase hunting yields

Maybe you have a great piece of property to hunt but it's so overgrown you can't see far enough to actually do so?


We can help create shooting lanes by removing vegetation.

Property line maintenance

Clear your property lines for survey purposes or fenceline maintenance.

Image by Matthew
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